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Toadstools and Funky Flowers

I'm still here working hard behind the scenes, buried knee-deep in new projects and exhibition secrets!

I have been meeting some lovely new people during workshops and some new students too. Even though I love to create, inspiring others still gives me the greatest buzz!

There has been a little Barmy Birds craze and I have been teaching this at the Warner Textile Archive and at Frayed HQ. These little birds somehow take on a personality as the workshop progresses. Before you know it they all have names and a back story! This flow of chat and laughter really makes the day fun.

These are some samples of the birds created during a recent workshop.

Talking Toadstools, how topical as they seem to be in the news and they are certainly all over my garden. These lovely fabric toadstools can be made in all different sizes and with all the lovely scraps of gorgeousness at Frayed HQ. They are a workshop in January and places are filling fast.

Funky flowers are also popping up everywhere, they are following on with a little woodland theme.

You will see more about that in future posts, I love a little secret.......

These flowers certainly indulge my love of vintage bits and bobs!

That just leaves me with a very fancy pumpkin ..............

Happy Halloween!

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