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Stitching into the night.......

Anyone else still stitching like crazy and trying to make more handmade gifts and pretty things to wear before Christmas?

It's funny how I always want to clear my never-ending list so I can start the new year with a clean slate. Of course, the reality of so many ideas and so little time makes this almost impossible. I really want to spend a little time drawing and designing over the Christmas break, somehow this process always seems like an indulgence to me. There it is in print now so I had better get on and do it!

Currently, I look a bit like this!

I made my Dastardly Owl from a pattern by Ann Wood and using fabric supplied by Lingard fabrics in Braintree as part of their #freefabricmake competition. He is such a character, I definitely need to make more!

I recently went on a lovely workshop run by Tracy Easson and created a tiny little fabric book filled with wishes and little stitched characters. Her enthusiasm is so infectious!

For me, a day sitting on the other side of the fence with someone teaching me was a refreshing change indeed. To spend it with great friends was the icing on the cake!

I am putting some final touches on two new workshops for spring and summer. One will be a combination of fabric painting, machine, and hand stitching. The other will be some pretty delicate slow stitching. There will also be a return of the machine embroidery beginners workshop for those who are waiting to attend. Please keep an eye out for the January newsletter for all the new dates and a special offer too.

Signing off now to get on and finish my to-do list.....

That just leaves me to say the hugest thank you to everyone who has attended my workshops this year and some amazing friends who have kept me going.

I have such an exciting and full year already planned next year so I really hope you all come along for the ride!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all xx

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