Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge to use class sewing machines?

There is no charge to use my machines. In general I recommend using your own machine in a Machine Embroidery class as you will get to know it and its little quirks!

Do I need a high spec sewing machine for Machine Embroidery?

You can do Embroidery on a very basic machine as long as you can drop or cover the Feed Dogs, the little teeth under the foot. You will need a darning/ embroidery foot but I have these for sale quite inexpensively if you don't have one.

Can a beginner really do Machine Embroidery?

Yes you can! Ideally I like you to have used your machine generally so you know how to thread it and wind the bobbin. I keep the classes small so I have time to spend with you.

Can I bring my own fabrics and equipment to workshops?

You are most welcome to bring anything you would like to use to a workshop. The majority of my workshops have all materials provided to save you having a long shopping list. Some students prefer to bring their needles and scissors.

Can I make the project in a different colour?

Where possible I do offer a choice of fabrics if the project allows. You are welcome to bring your own if you have something in mind e.g to go in a certain room. Please e mail me before the class so I have an idea what you want to do.

What refreshments do you serve?

I try to keep the drinks flowing and plenty of biscuits! there is coffee, decaff coffee, a selection of teas (not fruit) and a small selection of cold drinks. Homemade cake is available on all day workshops. In good weather you can enjoy your breaks relaxing in the garden. Don't forget your lunch and any drinks not on the list.

Are you far from the train Station?

It is about a 15 minute walk from Freeport (Braintree Village Station). I can usually arrange for someone to collect you so please e mail me.

What bus route are you on?

The number 70 Bus stops outside the house, it goes from Chelmsford to Colchester through Braintree. The nearest stops are Wheatley Avenue and Hay Lane depending on the direction of travel.

Is there parking?

Parking is in the nearby side streets Wheatley Avenue, Hay Lane North and Mountbatten Road. If you have a heavy machine you can drop it off before you park.

I don't have PayPal, how do I book?

You can pay by Bank Transfer, please contact me for details and so I can manually book you a place.

Do you repeat workshops?

Some workshops are repeated but I am constantly trying to develop exciting new things. I can often repeat a workshop if you can get together with a small group of friends to book (minimum 4 participants)

Can you help me learn to use my sewing machine?

Yes indeed. You can book a two hour 1-1 for this at a time to suit.

Will I complete my project during the workshop?

It generally depends on the workshop but hand embroidery by its nature takes time. You will always go home with the materials and knowledge to complete the project. There is always online support if you need it.